For the past couple years, Momma Kim has taken her parents out to new restaurants for Mother’s Day (or in Korean tradition, Parent’s Day) Dinner.  And of course if any of us kids are home, we get to tag along.  The grandparents always complain that “she’s spending too much money on them” and that “they don’t need a fancy schmancy dinner when they have good food to eat at home.”  This year was no different.  In fact, Grandma Cho nagged Grandpa Cho to just “share” a meal since it was so expensive and they ate a big, late lunch.  Mind you, they went out to a buffet for lunch when Momma Kim told them she had made reservations for 5 pm….=T Grandpa Cho did not agree with Grandma Cho and decided to order his own meal.  A bit greedy you might say but in the end it was all worthwhile…

Hot Crab Bake
a crab dip made with crab (of course), spiced cream, diced bell peppers and parmesan cheese topping served with a sliced quarter of a warmed baguette

Grilled Brie with a reduced sangria sauce
a small round of brie cheese served with a reduced sangria sauce with grapes and strawberries and toast points

Main Entrees:
Crab Cakes
2 broiled crab cakes served with fried rice and baby asparagus

Crab Stuffed Swordfish
Broiled Swordfish stuffed with crabmeat and topped with a cheese sauce.  Served with garlic roasted potatoes and fried rice

Pan Seared Scallop
Scallops pan seared with a lemon honey sauce, sauteed pancetta and vegetables.  Served with garlic roasted potatoes.

Chilean Sea Bass
“simply grilled” with virgin oil, sea salt, pepper and lemon.  Served with fried rice and baby asparagus

The Hot Crab Bake was so so…it was like any other crab dip you would find at any other restaurant.  Minimal crab, and plenty of cream to smother it in. 

The Grilled Brie was the special appetizer of the night…and the presentation was beautiful.  The toast points semi-circled a small round of brie topped with reduced sangria, grapes, and strawberries with a lovely purple and white orchid beside it.  We had ordered it because Momma Kim wanted to know if it was better than my Baked Brie (i may or may not post recipes on here…we’ll see).  She didn’t think it was better, btw. ;] I enjoyed the nutty flavor, grilling brought to the cheese.  The reduced sangria sauce was not really needed.  There wasn’t much of it anyway.  It was wonderful and something I will have to try on my own. (Lizzard, have a wine and cheese party, you know what I’ll bring ;])

Crab Cakes were decent.  Being a Marylander, as well as a Baltimorean, I have tasted almost all the crabs cakes out there and none have beat the Crab Cakes @ Friendly Farms in Upperco.  This was no exception.  There was a decent amount of crab in the cake but not enough backfin lump meat, which makes a crab cake for me.  It was, however, good on it’s own.  It didn’t need any seasoning or the sauce they provide for you.  The sides were adequate for the dish.  The baby asparagus was tender and sauteed nicely.  The fried rice looked exactly like it came from a chinese restaurant….but surprisingly it was not swimming in grease and it had a slight aroma to it….which I still can’t figure out.

The Crab Stuffed Swordfish was ok.  It had a little bit of a fishy taste to it because of the swordfish.  There wasn’t much crab but you could still taste it somewhere in there.  The sauce didn’t really help the dish much because you couldn’t really taste it over the fish taste.  The roasted potatoes were delish though.   I love potatoes and when you rub them with roasted garlic and then roast them…well let’s just say that could be a meal in itself for me.  =D

The Pan Seared Scallops were really good.  I definitely recommend if you ever go to this place.  The honey lemon sauce was nicely caramelized during the searing giving it a wonderful hint of sweetness.  I HATE scallops but I would definitely eat these again.  I didn’t get a taste of the sauteed pancetta and vegetables though so I don’t know how they would work with the scallops. sorry. =T

The Chilean Sea Bass disappointed.  I opted out of the sauce and chose to “simply grill” it which just meant it was going to be bland.  I had to add salt and pepper to taste anything.  The Bass flaked nicely though into huge flakes that went really well with the rice.  The rice gave it some taste so maybe my dish wasn’t too bad. 

The price range for this place was about $30-40 per person…which I guess was decent considering we were eating seafood.  As you can tell by my review, some of the dishes weren’t really worth it.  Just get the Scallops.  =D

I wish I had taken pictures of everything to show you.  I only have a picture of the Grilled Brie.  I will post that up as soon as possible.  I also wish I could have tasted some of their wine selection but Momma Kim doesn’t like it when I drink….specially in front of the Grandparents.  So I couldn’t.  Maybe next time.  =D

11 W. Aylesbury Road
Timonium, MD

Until next time, Happy Eating!