Baltimore’s Restaurant Week choice was a good one this year…Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion does not disappoint. And a date with Jaebee~* complete with single rose definitely does not disappoint. I have been sick with a cold and yet the flavor combinations of Roy’s dishes still popped out and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Edamame sprinkled with salt and chili powder
i don’t think i would ever have thought of sprinkling salt on after cooking the edamame. This served as a pre-appetizer and the slight kick from the chili powder gave it a nice flavor. i will definitely have to try this at home.

1988 Cocktail
The aroma of lychee fruit is intoxicating. So fragrant and delicate smelling. You could smell it with each sip of the cocktail. Having a fruit skewered on a glass toothpick added to the lychee liquor. Drink it while it’s cold though…when warm it tastes like cough syrup.

Appetizer Sampler: Potsticker, Spare Rib, Shrimp Skewer and Kimchee
The appetizer was delicious. The potsticker with it’s unique green color reminded me of mandoo (korean dumplings) and mandoo is one of my favorite korean dishes. A slightly thickened soy sauce served as the sauce for this delight. The spare rib fell right off the bone it was so tender. and the shrimp skewer went nicely with the side of kimchee. i just wish i could have had more than one of each sample!

Atlantic Salmon with Sticky Rice and Bean Sprouts
a true asian dish with rice. the sticky rice went well with the medium cooked salmon which was really tender and sweet with the teriyaki like sauce it came with. I would definitely get this dish again.

Spicy Shrimp with Shoyu Pad Thai
The pad thai was ok…it didn’t really compliment the shrimp. the Shrimp were slightly spicy but not spicy enough to burn my tongue. I think he could have paired something other than the soggy pad thai with the shrimp. something to counter the spicy-ness of the dish. coconut rice sounds good….

Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle
this was PHENOMENAL…i didn’t care that the chocolate was scorching hot…i just wanted it in my mouth. the souffle was nice and caramelized on the outside so you get this chewy outside paired with delicious and HOT melted chocolate and a bit of ice cream…the raspberry coulis didn’t really contribute to the dish flavorwise but it served as a nice constrast to the dark souffle and white vanilla ice cream.

Macademia & Almond Caramel Tart
Very nice presentation. loved the sugar cookie palm tree and the tart itself was chock full ‘o nuts. macademias and almonds are two of my favorite nuts and Roy made them absolutely delicious in this tart. not too sweet and really really nutty. it seemed as if it was just nuts and tart and very little sugar and caramel. it was as if i was eating a pralined ice cream. the raspberries again seemed just for show. i did however get a little tired of chewing just nuts…my jaw didn’t really want to move…i was pretty full by the time i got this tart as well so maybe that was it…=D

Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion
720 B Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21202