I check it almost religiously twice a year when it gets close. It makes me so happy to be able to sample some of the best eating in the city in the winter and summer. =] If you don’t already know, the premise of restaurant weeks in major cities is that you get to sample a beautifully prepared 3-course meal for $20.11 ($.11 for 20(11)) for lunch and $30-35.11 for dinner in hopes that you will return on a non-restaurant week and sample from the full menu at regular price.

this post is hella long…I missed blogging that much. =P

This year we went to places we’ve already been. Baltimore isn’t a big city and being the foodie I am, there are only a few select higher end places I really enjoy going to in this city.

Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion
720 Aliceanna Street, Baltimore, MD
(410) 659-0099 ‎

MY FAVORITE! This place has THE BEST Molten Chocolate Torte I have ever had. I swoon at the thought of placing a spoon of that deliciously caramelized crispy outside, chocolatey soft cake and then the oozing gushing melted chocolate….I think I just had a taste-gasm…

So we went to Roy’s for a friend’s 30th Birthday. I find it quite scary how old we are all getting but am determined to stay young at heart. =P Since we had all been there before, we decided to order sushi a la carte as additional appetizers and most of us went with the restaurant week menu.

I need to find myself some Pink Peppercorn to do this at home…such an addicting appetizer and good for you too! Edamame tossed in a mixture of cracked pink peppercorn, sea salt, garlic powder and black sesame seeds….mMmMmMm~i think we had 3 bowls of this for 4 people….notice how this one is almost empty….

Wagyu Beef, Snow Crab, Tempura Asparagus, Avocado, Sesame Miso, Truffled Greens
possibly my favorite my roll there and the most expensive…it’s so flavorful and delicious with that tender wagyu beef and pungent truffled greens

Lobster California Roll
Lobster Salad, Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko
can’t really taste the lobster difference in this from a regular crabmeat cali roll…

Auntie Lei’s Aloha Roll
Spicy Tuna, Kaiware, Cucumber, Yellowtail, Salmon, Avocado, Garlic Ponzu
It’s definitely a variation of a Rainbow Roll from any other sushi restaurant. If you could taste more of the Garlic Ponzu, it may make a difference…

Sunrise at Haleakala
Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Avocado, Asparagus Crispy Roll, Spicy Butter Sauce
beautifully presented liked an actual sunrise! This is my second favorite roll at Roy’s probably because it’s deep fried…=P

Shrimp Lumpia
Chinese black bean dragon sauce
MmmMM~like crispy vietnamese spring rolls except with the added bonus of tender shrimp. Very good.

5 Spice Braised Duck Leg
Shiitake and Shishito peppers, duck jus
Salty but very flavorful, almost too much though. You could definitely taste the chinese five spice throughout the dish, but couldn’t really get a feel for the duck. If it had been a smaller portion, it wouldn’t have been so overpowering and actually enjoyable…after the first couple of bites, I was done with it. Couldn’t really eat anymore…

Parmesan Crusted Local Mahi Mahi
Lobster potato risotto, crab bisque
no. Yes, the fish was nice and tender and moist, the potato risotto was amazing, the broccolini cooked to perfection…but the parmesan crust…NO! Bad parmesan crust! How dare you ruin the delicacy of the mahi mahi! It reminded me of that disgustingly greasy, oily melted cheese you find in chains like Applebee’s and TGIF where they place it on top of a low quality chicken breast to mask the quality of the dish and ends up making it even worse…blech!

Tender Braised Beef Short Ribs
Creamy mashed potatoes, natural braising sauce
hellllooooooooooooo nurse! Hub’s dish saved me from mine…when they said tender…they meant melt in your mouth, fall apart with the slightest touch of a fork tender…mMMmMmmM~

Flourless Chocolate Torte
Served a la mode and raspberry sauce
Hello my love. My darling. My heart! The picture does not do justice to the dish…I’m having another taste-gasm…excuse me.

Trio of Creme Brulees
Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Chocolate
They ran out of the cheesecake so they gave everyone the option of Macademia Nut Tart (my jaw still hasn’t recovered from the last time I tried to eat this) and Creme Brulees. I think our buddy E could have licked the Passion Fruit Creme Brulee bowl clean it was so good.

Happy Birthday to F!


Famree time is always welcome ain’t it! Especially when we get to enjoy food outings together.

McCormick and Schmick’s
711 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-234-0180

We went this loverly Pier location for lunch as a family minus the hubs since he was at work. It was nice to have 3 generations together again sharing a meal and Momma thinks we should do it once a month to spend more time together. Guess they really do miss eating with me? iono~

Split Pea and Smithfield Ham Soup
Served with house made oven roasted “pocket” bread
This was Grandma C’s. I didn’t get to taste it…looks pretty though

Pan Seared Lobster Cake
Mediterranean cucumber relish, eggplant “caviar” and citrus Buerre Blanc
Not bad, I would have liked chunks of lobster better than the torn up pieces, you don’t really get the lobster feeling unless you experience it in all it’s chewy glory. The flavorings went well with this dish, the eggplant “caviar” proved to be nice and salty and flavorful

Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese
Over baby greens tossed with blackberries and poached rock shrimp in a warm sherry-bacon vinaigrette
Here is where I will choose to profess my love of goat cheese. The pungent, creamy deliciousness in all it’s glory, lovingly packaged in a pistachio crust and served with blackberries and mixed greens tossed in a smoky delicious sherry bacon viniagrette…I could have done without the tiny rock shrimp.

Marinated Pork Loin
Tasso mashed potatoes, braised Swiss chard, and roasted chili-pear reduction
The GChos and Pops and Bro seemed to enjoy this immensely. I got a bite and it was nice and tender and the mashed potatoes…mMMMm~potatoooooooooo

Shrimp & Grits
Green onion and sharp cheddar grits, apple smoked bacon and sauteed mushrooms drizzled with Creole tomato glaze and chipotle butter
Does not replace Shrimp and Grits from Chelsea Market NYC, wifey knows what I’m talking about. But nonetheless it was quite delicious. Nice and creamy grits, beautifully cooked shrimp with mushrooms and that nice kick from the chipotle butter. MmMmM~

Sis and I couldn’t stay for dessert so I don’t have any pictures or reviews of that. Apparently they brought ours home but I haven’t been the parent’s house at all so I don’t get a taste…=(

It ended up being a birthday weekend…so we went to Fogo de Chao for BIL’s 32nd! woohoo! MEAT! Fogo was probably one of the best deals for Restaurant week, you get to have dinner at a Brazilian BBQ for their lunch price at dinner. Regularly, lunch is $35 and dinner is $50 so imagine adding drinks and tip to those babies regularly and you’ll see why this is a good deal for dinner here. Again to reiterate for those who have never been to a Brazilian BBQ, this is endless meat. You flip a card to green and they keep trucking out with:

Salad Bar
The salad bar includes items such as hearts of palm, giant asparagus, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh cut and steamed broccoli, marinated artichoke bottoms, tubule, smoked salmon, an assortment of fine cheeses, and much more

Our signature cut, this prime part of the sirloin is served seasoned with sea salt or flavored with garlic

Filet Mignon
This succulent piece of meat is cut from the tenderloin and seasoned to perfection. Also served wrapped in bacon.

Cut from the top sirloin this piece of meat is tender and full of flavor

Cut from the bottom sirloin and seasoned to perfection

Beef Ancho
The prime part of the rib eye, beef ancho celebrates the rich flavor and the delectable texture of this elite cut

Fresh leg of lamb sliced right off the bone. Also served as chops

Tender pork loin encrusted with Parmesan cheese. Also served as ribs.

Succulent chicken legs and tender chicken breast medallions wrapped in bacon

Robust port sausages seasoned and slow-roasted to mouth-watering perfection

Tender, juicy beef ribs cooked slowly to preserve their rich natural flavors

Our traditional Brazilian side dishes include seasoned mashed potatoes, caramelized bananas, crispy polenta and warm cheese bread.

Desserts (choice of one)

New York Cheesecake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

I don’t have pictures of all the meats because it really was too much…there were 5 Gauchos circling our table with meat at all times…couldn’t think straight with them circling like vultures…I only really went for their deliciously chewy cheese bread. I could sit there and just eat those all day.

I’m not sure why my font shrank..and don’t know how to fix it…o wells…


The Brewer’s Art
1106 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-547-6925

Hubs and I tried to promise each other a date night per week since we got married…I think this is officially our second and we’ve been married since October. FAIL! I know. T.T So in honor of restaurant week, he let me pick a restaurant and we would go for date night! =]

hello hottie? looking a little fruitcake here…let’s work on your picture posing babe~=]

One of my FAVORITE beers. Resurrection. Nice name too. Deeply flavorful, not too hoppy, almost dark…yummmmmmm
Brewer’s also includes a complimentary House Wine or Beer with your Restaurant Week selection!

I love when restaurants mold their butter. It adds a nice personal touch to the meal, because it was molded with care and love so that the eater may enjoy.

Tuscarora Beet and Blood Orange Salad
With frissé, arugula, Firefly Farms chévre, toasted hazelnuts, shaved fennel, tarragon-champagne vinaigrette
I often feel backwards when hubs and I go out to eat…he usually get the stereotypically “female” dishes like salad and I’ll get the stereotypically “male” dishes like meat. haahahahah Hubs salad was delicious, I especially enjoyed the not so pickled but sweet beets, hubs not so much…and the chevre…do I need to profess my love for goat cheese in salads again? MmmMmmmMM~

Curried Cauliflower Bisque
With curry leaf-ginger cauliflower relish, mint chutney
Since hubs wanted the salad, I chose the soup first course. Deliciously creamy, loved the fresh mint hits and the relish was nice and tender and delicious. This was especially delicious with buttered bread which made me fuller faster. =]

Utz Crusted Cod
With horseradish mashed potato, braised red cabbage, Proletary Ale-mustard sauce
Tender, delicious flaky reminiscent of fish and chips in NZ. Hubs didn’t particularly care for the braised red cabbage but the mashed potatoes and Ale mustard sauce went perfectly with this crispy delight. I did like the local Utz touch as well.

Steak Frites
Grilled sirloin steak, rosemary garlic fries, red wine shallot sauce
NO. I got a bad cut of sirloin…all it was was gristle…ugh~ I ate all of the delicious lemon vinaigrette tossed arugula and the rosemary garlic fries which prompted us to get a fresh batch of rosemary garlic fries on the side so that it wasn’t soggy under the red wine shallot sauce. I LOVE their rosemary garlic fries, which is why I got the dish. If I had known the steak was going to be so bad I would have opted to go with the ravioli and gotten a side of the delicious Rosemary Garlic Fries a la carte.

Duet  of Tres Leches
With dried fruit compote and chocolate Proletary torte
This was TINY! but didn’t mind since I was so full of Rosemary Garlic Fries and a glass and a half of Resurrection. The Proletary Torte was dense and fudgy, meh~. Hubs really enjoyed the Tres Leches Cake with the Fruit Compote. I think he wanted to lick the plate. hehehehe

DONE! sorry that took so long! <3<3