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I recently stumbled upon an Indian Grocery in the shopping center right across the street…YAY ME! So I bought me some garlic naan and some Butter Chicken Masala Spice mix. Will definitely be trying more stuff from here. =]

So the instructions on the box were quite confusing…

“Cut 500g of chicken pieces and marinate them for half an hour. Mean-while make paste of 100g onions and 120g tomatoes. Also blanch, peel and grind 10 almonds into a fine paste adding 1/4 cup of water. Alternately cashew nuts or 20g poppy seeds can also be used. In a flat pan heat 50g edible oil and cook chicken pieces & onion paste till light pink for 10 min. Add tomatoes, almond paste & 15g of Butter Chicken Masala. Add water. Cook for 15 min. till right consistency. Check seasoning. Serve with 1 tspn. cream poured on top.”

OK, first of all, what am I marinating the chicken in? The spice mix? Salt? Pepper? Second, where are the extra tomatoes coming from and how are they supposed to be prepared? Whole? Third, add how much water?

Good gracious right??

So to tackle problem number one, I marinated the chicken in the spice mix. I added about 2 tbsp of the spice mix and marinated the chicken in it. Big mistake, too much spice mix. This particular version of spice mix has a lot of chillies in it which I’m not really used to in my butter chicken. It was pretty spicy, my tongue was on fire. Next time I will definitely go with salt and pepper to begin with.

Problem number two, I didn’t add any extra tomatoes. Didn’t really need them.

Problem number three, I added about 1/2 a cup of water, the consistency was a little watery, but because of the abundance of spice mix, the spicy-ness of the dish was not lessened.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we gooooooooooo

Here’s the box. =]

Marinated chicken. I used a frozen breast and 2 frozen thighs. It was easier to cut into 1-inch cubes and it defrosted more as it was marinating for the half hour and of course cooking it completely defrosted the chicken. =]

Onion and Tomato paste. I used an 1/8 of a white onion (100g) and half of a large tomato (120g) and blended it up in my blender.

Almond paste. I couldn’t be bothered to blanch, peel and grind, so I took sliced almonds, added 1/4 c water and let it grind to a fine paste in my food processor. Worked like a charm. =]

Cook the onion paste and marinated chicken together for 10 minutes.

Add almond paste. This thickens the mixture up considerably so adding water is a necessary step.

I added water and look how creamy it gets…mmMmMmm~

Add a dash of heavy cream and stir in. It looks so mild doesn’t it? It’s SPICY! Mouth on fire.

Brushed naan on both sides with olive oil and popped into my panini press. Super easy and fast. If you don’t have a panini press, brush with Olive Oil and warm in a med-high pan.

buon appetito!

*Again things I would change, marinate chicken in salt and pepper, add the spice mix later, and sparingly.