I go to New York City, specifically Manhattan several times a year. In fact, before I got married I went up to NYC from Bmore at least once a month from April to October for various reasons. Several times to play, several times to shop for, buy a wedding dress, several times just to EAT. =]

So for Valentine’s Day this year, I asked the hubs if we could go to NYC. Just to eat. Yes. An entire weekend filled with delicious foods. =]

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Ave, New York, NY
(212) 777-7773 ‎

Lychee Soju Slushie
delicious. not too strong and would have been better if they added tapioca bubbles. OMG…what if they did a Taro Soju Slushie with Bubbles?! Mind. Blown.

Steamed Buns (shrimp on left, pork on right)
oh hello guvnor! Shrimp bun reminded me sort of processed meat because of the square shape it came in…but it was just whole shrimp marinated and pressed into a square shape. yummmm. Pork bun was straight up FAT. So rich and porky…almost too much…I devoured it though. I was hungry; we had waited over an hour to get a table that night.

Momofuku Ramen
sosososososo smoky broth with soggy crunchy bamboo shoots, pork FAT again,  mushrooms, scallions, and I save the naruto for last. My favorite part. Delicious and flavorful. I need to make this at home. Gotta find Ramen noodles…=T
203 East 10th Street, New York, NY
(212) 475-0929 ‎

SUPER KAWAII and a genius. forrizzle. This is Chika and I know the title of this post is misleading…but seriously in all her cuteness and genius, she is sexy for producing such delicious desserts.

The entree list for the day. uh-may-jing.

She has different sets of teacups. and personal french presses. KAWAII!

Amuse Bouche of the day
3-Spice Gelee with Sweet Potato Ice Cream
It’s like sweet potato pie in a different form and deconstructed!! GENIUS!

Hubs’ Warm Chocolate Tart with Pink Peppercorn Ice Cream and Red Wine Sauce
She had the Chocolate Tarts premade and just warmed them in a small oven where the center melted to utter gooey deliciousness. I love ice cream so the Pink Peppercorn Ice cream was my favorite part. Wasn’t overpoweringly spicy. Just a tingle on your tongue.

My  Blood Orange Sorbet with Espresso Panna Cotta and Frosted Pistachios
I wasn’t really impressed with the Panna Cotta, I felt I could have done it better…It was just sweet without any Espresso taste. But the Blood Orange Sorbet…I would have licked the platter for that. Sweet, not tart, and like biting into a blood orange juicy. Hello nurse! Definitely made the disappointment in the panna cottta go away. =]

Petit Fours: Cointreau Truffles, Coconut Marshmallow, Starfruit with White Chocolate Mousse
I ate the Coconut Marshmallow first because I don’t really care for dried, toasted coconut. If she hadn’t been there right in front of me preparing dishes for other people, I would have cut off all of the outside edges…=P the marshmallow itself was delicious light, airy and FLUFFY I could die! Not buying bagged anymore. I gotta make my own. =P Next I ate the Starfruit. It was dipped in a little sugar to provide sweetness. I love starfruit so I enjoyed eating it, but the white chocolate mousse didn’t add anything to the starfruit to enhance it. It was as if I had just put a bit of whipped cream on top…=T Liquored Truffles are always good. ALWAYS. Dark Chocolate and Orange are one of my favorite combinations so I definitely savored this one and vowed to make it at home. =]

Alice’s Tea Cup
156 E 64th St, New York, NY 10065

Horribly taken photographs. I apologize. From Top to Bottom: Strawberry Chocolate Scone, Toasted Almond and Lemon Scone, Indian Chai with milk
I had gotten a Gilt City Coupon for 2 Scones and Tea To Go for the trip specifically so we could go after church on Sunday. Right around the corner. =] I think my favorite thus far is the Chocolate Strawberry Scone. Nice big chunks of fresh, sweet strawberries and chocolate chunks to compliment them. yummm. The Toasted Almond with Lemon was ok, a little dry. And I love Chai. =]

56th and 6th Chicken and Rice
(do you really need an address? it’s a cart peoples…)

we sorta had two lunches. We got the combo plate here (gyro and chicken over rice). It was hubs’ first time and so I wanted to take him but he really wanted soup dumplings too…so we got one order of each and shared both. happy happy foodies are we~

Joe’s Shanghai (Midtown)
24 W 56th St # A, New York, NY
(212) 333-3868 ‎

Crab  and Pork Xiao Long Bao or Soup Dumplings
It really isn’t a trip to NYC with the hubs without these babies. They have 2 other locations (Chinatown and Flushing) but hubs is slightly claustrophobic so the Chinatown location is out since you’re in a hole in a wall and you’re sharing a table with strangers. We have yet to make the hike out to the Flushing location. We get these with the Shanghai Fried Rice (simple fried rice with eggs and scallions). Take a small bite out of the top of the dumpling (placed on a spoon) and be careful because there is HOT SOUP inside of these babies…let it cool and slurp up the delicious heaven or drizzle it over the rice. I’m salivating just thinking about these babies…om nom nom nom…

9 Restaurant
800 9th Avenue, at 53rd Street, New York, NY
(212) 956-3333 ‎

Drinking in Manhattan is definitely different from drinking down here in Bmore. No offense, but the bartenders are just better up there. This Pear Tree Martini is possibly one of the best martinis I’ve had (I really need to find that one bar my cousin took me to 8 years ago where I had THE BEST APPLE MARTINI EVAR!).

Hubs’ Pear and Arugula Salad that he really enjoyed
Hubs is a rabbit. he likes salad…i like…

MEAT! such a carnivore…om nom nom nom
My favorite part about this appetizer is the little gerkins on top. The sliders were pretty standard. Bacon was nice and crispy, couldn’t really taste the cheddar, Buns nice and soft…I think I was full by the end of this though…quite a big portion for an appetizer/snack

Maggots. j/k. Homemade Tortoloni which look like maggots…hahahaha
nice HUGE chunks of lobster in this in your own little staub cocotte. I was so full from the sliders that I only ate half the pasta…but all of the lobster and arugula. muahahahaha

Hubs’ Pot Roast
fork tender, juicy, loved the roasted root veggies and the bread was a nice big puff of air.

Assortment of Homemade Sorbets: (left to right) Mango, Pear, Raspberry and Guava
Have I told you I ❤ ice cream? I ❤ ice cream. Guava was my favorite.

Boobies with ginormous nipples. j/k. Red Velvet Donuts with White Chocolate Drizzle and Vanilla Ice Cream
Hubs and I were both craving donuts and this hit the spot. Didn’t really get the red velvet, but they were nicely textured donuts, slightly chewy, caramelized crispy on the outside and warm. perfect with ice cream. =]

whoooooooo boy…that was a lot for a Friday morning. =]

Happy Eatings!