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Mussel Bar
7262 Woodmont Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814, United States
(301) 215-7817

Wifey had bought 4 $15 for $30 to spend deals and I had the loverly privilege of sharing one of those deals with her one loverly Saturday morning for lunch. I love mussels, so I definitely jumped at the chance to share this meal with her since Hubs doesn’t like mussels. (There’s a long list of things Hubs doesn’t like…I eat almost everything…=T)

Prince Edward Island Mussels/Provencal
Tomatoes, Capers, and Basil in a loverly creamy sauce
Oh hello you loverly thing you.  I INHALED this entire ginormous portion of Mussels with bread on the side to sop up that delicious sauce. Not a big fan of capers, but if you are, there are GINORMOUS ones in this dish. Wifey ended up eating all my capers. hehehe

Scrambled Eggs: Smoked salmon & creme fraiche, served with toasted baguette and rosemary potatoes
Nars got this deliciously loverly dish. The Eggs were nice and fluffy, the smoked salmon provided a nice smokey, saltiness to go with the fluff. mMMmm~

Wood Fired Tart: Rosemary ham, eggs, carmelized onions, bechamel sauce, Gruyere cheese
Wifey got this deliciously crispy tart. It was super rich because of the bechamel sauce, but once that runny egg is cut through, you’ll be wiping off that plate with the crust of the tart. mMmMM~

Definitely recommend this place if you like mussels. They also have several locations so check them out!