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It’s no secret that I like to travel (which is very painful for my nonexistent wallet). So for this plast Fourth of July Weekend hubs and I went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since hubs has never really been. =]

If you’re ever in Philly, definitely stop by Game Piece Plaza next to City Hall it’s so much fun to take silly pictures. =P Hubs is struggling trying to keep that domino from falling!

1801 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA

They also have another location in Penn’s Landing (138 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA). The interior is cute and kitschy…looks a little like where the Jetsons would go to have a meal. The “entrees” are tapas style, so you get like 3-4 bites of each plate. We ordered 4.
Really all I wanted to show Jae since the food isn’t really worth eating…the dessert, however, is pretty good. Go for drinks and dessert!

Korean Pork Tacos
Berkshire Farms Pork with Korean BBQ Sauce

meh~I didn’t quite understand why they were Korean. Isn’t Korean food supposed to be good? hahahaha

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
Avocado Sour Cream

This was pretty standard. Crispy tortilla, oversauced pulled chicken breast, and subpar avocado sour cream.

Gambas al Ajillo
Shrimp, Garlic, and Olive Oil

A little overcooked but the garlic and olive oil flavor makes this good.

PanSeared Hangar Steak
Maytag Bleu Cheese and Red Wine Sauce

Best thing we ate. The creamy, tangy Bleu Cheese Mashed Potatoes and the sweet Red Wine Sauce with the perfectly seared steak…I could have had another one of these…

Smirnoff Citrus Vodka, Strawberry Puree & Lemon with a Licorice Wheel

Tasted like juice. loved the Lickawitch wheel though. =]

Tin Roof Ice Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup
Creamy Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mousse

oh hello guvnor!!!! Chocolate and Peanut Butter is probably one of my favorite combinations of all time…and not everyone gets the ratios right…Continental-Midtown NAILED it with the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I wanted to lick the plate clean but hubs wouldn’t let me. =(


Cuba Libre
10 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA

One of my absolute favorite restaurants because of their delicious Cafe Cuba Libre and Mango Butter. Yes Mango Butter…delicious, sweet, salty, Mango Butter. We caught brunch on Sunday.

Cafe Cuba Libre
Cuban Coffee with Sweetened Coconut Milk

oh good LORD I love this delicious delicious cup…I would eat the ceramic cup too if it tasted anything like the coffee inside it. I could drink this all freaking day…

Juice Sampler
Mamey, Guanabana, Lulo, Mango, Passionfruit

A delicious sampler of tropical juices…I believe my favorite is Mamey…hubs liked the mango. =]

One Eyed Ropa Vieja Hash
Classic Cuban Shredded Beef Brisket stewed with tomatoes, bell peppers and red wine on a hash of yukon gold potatoes, boniato, maduros, and corn and a fried egg.

Creamy, spicy, sweet and absolutely DELICIOUS. My favorite dish at Cuba Libre. The brunch portion is 3-4 bites but the regular portion is huge so if you’re going to get it, get ready to eat lots!

Tortilla de Chorizo con Papas
Fluffy 2 egg omelet filled with chorizo sausage, roasted potatoes, sour cream and monterey jack cheese

Too much sour cream and cheese, not enough chorizo.

Canasta de Pan
Assorted Homemade Breakfast Breads: Warm Banana Bread, Guava Cream Cheese hojaldre, crispy churro, and orange ginger muffin served with mango butter and guava marmalade.

I dream about this Mango butter. I do. It’s so deliciously salty and sweet and could make anything, even cardboard, taste delicious. The breakfast breads were ok…most of them moist…which did not bode well for the churro which wasn’t crispy or chewy at all.


Jim’s Steaks
400 South St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Locals go here. nuff said.

Steak Hoagie
Lettuce, Tomato, American Cheese

I shouldn’t have gotten the lettuce and tomato…hoagie didn’t need it…the caramelized onions…oh good LORD I dream about those caramelized onions…and craaaaaaaaaaaave this hoagie. Nice crispy, chewy roll, juicy steak, and slow cooked, deliciously caramelized onions. MmMmMmm~


Reading Terminal Market
51 North 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA

I love walking around this place. The organic markets have fresh fruits and vegetables an the eateries have great food. It’s also got plenty of seating space to sit and eat the copious amounts of food you’ve recently purchased. 4th Street Cookies, Delilah’s, Basset’s are among my favorite haunts. =]

Hubs enjoying some Basset’s Vanilla Fudge Swirl =]

Jumbo Wings, Delilah’s Famous MacNCheese, and Cornbread

Bobby Flay won a MacNCheese Throwdown against this local favorite so we decided we need to taste it despite our constant feeding habits. The wings were deliciously seasoned and could have competed with a Chicken Box from Bmore and the MacNCheese was creamy and delicious from the 5 different cheeses it contains. The Cornbread…among the best I’ve had; moist, crumbly and sweet!


Lan Zhou Hand Drawn Noodle House
927 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA


Beef Brisket Shaved Noodle Soup

Nice chewy hand shaved noodles in a anise-y beef broth with fatty pieces of beef brisket. There’s was plenty of beef brisket to eat with the noodles and good broth to slurp up.

Aromatic Beef Hand Drawn Noodles

Tasted like a good lo mein. That is all.


Sakura Mandarin
1038 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA

We were walking around Chinatown and hubs saw a menu that had Soup Dumplings. We are hooked on Joe’s Shanghai’s Soup Dumplings in NYC so we had to have a try!

Crab and Pork Xiao Long Bao

Same flavor as the ones we love but smaller and not at much soup. Good substitute but not enough to whet our appetites…so we ordered some more. =]

Shanghai Shumai
Mushrooms and Rice steamed in a wonton wrapper

Went nicely with the soup dumplings since we always like to cut through the fat with some rice.


Bread Top House
1041 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA

Honeydew Smoothie with Boba

Yummmmm! The lady literally took half a honeydew melon out of the fridge, stuck chunks of it in the blender and added tapioca bubbles. It was so sweet and smooth and delicious!!!!


So if you’re ever in the area check these places out! =]