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which is the perfect segue for this uber lazy comfort food…

Cuba Libre is a restaurant I very much enjoy frequenting whenever I’m in Philadelphia…so I’m very happy they have opened a restaurant in DC…closer. =P They have this one dish called One Eyed Ropa Vieja Hash (long name I know…length of dish name correlates with deliciousness?) that I LOVE and get every time I’m there…so I decided to make my own version with leftover pulled pork. =P


Star Eyed Ropa Vieja Hash (=P)

Pulled Pork BBQ
Cheese of choice (American in this case)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 TBSP Butter

1. *I used a leftover roasted potato for this step but you can easily do it with a raw potato, just cook through
Melt Butter over Med-High heat. Add roughly diced potato. Saute until cooked through.

2. Reheat Pulled Pork in pan and add a little more chipotle bbq sauce or bbq sauce of choice.

3. Divide cooked potatoes into bowls and add a slice of cheese on top to melt.

4. Divide reheated Pulled Pork on top of melted cheese.

5. Fry up some sunny side up or over easy eggs…

6. Place on top of pulled pork and dig in and enjoy!!

sooooooo goooooooood with that ooozy yolk and spicy sweet bbq sauce with tender potatoes and salty cheese…yummmmmm~