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A lot has happened in 2+ years! We have a 7.5 month old now! And now that I’m home with E full-time I have more time to blog! yay!

My loverly H made canh ga chein nuóc mam/caramelized fish sauce wings and made my house smell stank nasty but filled my tummy with candied garlic wings so I didn’t mind so much. Good thing I started a Sunday Ragu earlier today to counteract the stank!!

Traditionally a Sunday Ragu is made on Sundays (duh) and is cooked low and slow for almost a whole day. The first course is just the meat with good course bread and then the second course is the tomato sauce with all of the glorious meat juice is spooned over cooked pasta. I’ve done the traditional ragu with meatballs, italian sausage, chuck roast, pork shoulder, and ground beef. Let’s just say the first course was glorious…and then the second course put us over the top and all of us were happily food coma-ing for several hours after.

I’m planning on using this recipe as meat sauce for a lasagna so I’m not really going the traditional route. Recipe calls for a crock pot…I think mine is 7.5 qt…I make a lot of ragu at once and freeze for later.

Sunday Ragu/Meat Sauce

large sam’s club/costco size can of tomato sauce/crushed tomatoes or peeled tomatoes
3-4 lbs of meat
3-4 tbsp italian seasoning
4 tbsp salt
3 bay leaves

I used 2 lbs of mild italian sausage (uncased) and 1 lb of ground beef and peeled tomatoes so I had to pour all three into the crock pot and then crush up the tomatoes and break up the ground meat with my hands. then add the rest of the ingredients and set the crock pot for 8 hours on low. towards the end you can skim off the fat from the top and discard it.