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On a separate note…yay for Bluetooth Keyboards! This makes blogging on my ipad so much easier! =D

We started off the Lent season with one of my favorite Korean foods! Bibimbap which is literally translated to Mixed Rice, is usually hot rice with a variety of sauteed or pickled veggies, marinated ground beef, and a fried egg on top served with Korean hot red pepper paste and sesame oil. Mix all the ingredient together in a large bowl and enjoy!

Since we went vegan for Lent, hubs and I had to forego the meat and egg. And since we ran out of hot red pepper paste, we had to forego that too. It was still delicious since I seasoned the sauteed/roasted veggies well.


Ours was topped with garlic pickles, garlic beet greens, sautéed carrots and onions, sautéed crimini mushrooms, garlic shaved Brussels sprouts, and roasted golden beets! Omnomnomnom